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Touch her from within and you’ll capture her completely

Here is a quote that I came across which intrigued and inspired me to write this article.

"The sexiest, thing that a man can do to a woman is to crawl inside of her mind and make her imagination run wild." - Anonymous.

This is a time and age where relationships are mostly started by how you look or what you wear and this has superseded the intention to take the time to listen to what is really going on inside of your partners mind.

This fact applies to both sexes, but in this case I’ll be speaking to the men (no pun intended) gentlemen it’s because we are more visually driven than women are. In the study, 14 male and 14 female participants viewed several types of sexual and social interaction images for 30 minutes. Their brain activity was then compared using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), a technology that measures neural firing through changes in blood flow.

The fMRI scans revealed significantly higher levels of activation in the amygdala, which controls emotion and motivation, in the brains of the male subjects compared to the females, despite the fact that both males and females expressed similar subjective assessments of their levels of arousal after viewing the images.

Emory University Health Sciences Center. This is evidence that we’re creating a greater gap which is disconnecting us from having a more meaningful and intimate relationship with each other. So what are we supposed to do about this gap? The answer to the question can be easily answered by those who have come to an understanding that having a relationship solely or mainly on looks is like trying to go to your nearest Walgreens and buying bottled water from the fountain of youth and later on finding out that you’ve been duped.

Taking the time out to have a meaningful conversation with the person of interest is vital not only for the success of the relationship but for society as well. Here are three suggestions that may help you in creating a connection that may take you from being enticed with her body to being mesmerized by how she thinks and when you can show her that you’re truly interested in what is going on in her beautiful mind then you can capture her completely.

Now here’s the catch if your intention is to just use her and abuse of her for your own selfish gain you may lose her and you may not have another opportunity.

Ok, here are the three steps.

1. Let her know that you find her attractive.

This approach should be done with respect and not like some desperate dog in heat ready to get laid. Treat her like a valuable human being who deserves your best, and if you think that you can’t deliver that type of approach you might want to consider staying and taking a cold shower.

2. Take an interest in the way she thinks.

By being patient and listening to what she is saying to you and avoiding the trap of getting caught up in your personal porno flicks in your mind. Being able to relate to what she is saying and adding to it with the intention of really getting to know her will add value to the moment.

3. To capture her fully you must reach her soul.

This is where I dare say that the majority of the guys get lost and end up stuck and caught in the body and the mind, but never reach the soul of the woman that their interested in.

I’ll go as far to say that they end up marrying her and never get to know who she is and when the body and mind no longer interest them, they the men start slowly drifting away.

So how do you reach her soul while she’s alive?

You must take regular uninterrupted time with yourself daily to meditate, pray or just sit still till you make a connection with your own soul (being), this will prepare you for the moment to reach her where no other man has ever reached her in the past. This is no easy task but it is definitely the most powerful and most rewarding move that you can make on that special lady in your life.

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