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Presence in the Relationship

When engaging in a conversation with your partner it’s very important that you’re present completely spirit, mind and body. Let me explain, in order for you to be in tuned with your partner you must first be in tuned with yourself in three different yet one same way and that comes from within.

Spiritual balance with yourself is one of the powerful keys that will help you have a successful relationship. This comes to pass by taking some time out with yourself in meditation, prayer or just quite time to hear your being (God) speaks to you. When you’re able to connect with yourself then and only then can you connect with your partner.

A single look into your partner’s eyes or a hug will feel like there is something more than physical to it. A clue to a spiritual connection in your relationship is that you will feel drawn to your partner by being awakened and attentive to whom they really are. You will feel inspired to move or do unexpected things. There will be an unexplainable edge you have not felt before.

Garbage in garbage

An old saying that fits well when you’re in a relationship and you have to think things through before you speak. Being conscious of what you’re saying and thinking about what you’re about to say before you say can save the moment or even the relationship.

If you’re constantly feeding your mind information that is useless to you like the news, violence, certain music or negative conversations you will without a doubt share that garbage with your partner which in return will not serve the relationship in any good way.

We must take time daily to nurture our mind with information that will help us rewire our brain to produce the positive desires that we have for ourselves and our partner. I often say to couples, the mere fact that you have a willingness to think about changing your mindset to improve your relationship for the better…is already a positive! It means that you have become more conscious of yourself and of your role in the relationship. To have a positive attitude requires each person in the relationship to be responsible with what they feed their mind; this undoubtedly will add value to the relationship and enrich their time together.

The Package

The body is a beautiful work of art created by God that when maintained with love and care it can serve you and your partner in more ways than just sex. Not being responsible with caring for yourself in the best way possible will hinder you and eventually the relationship which may cause a drifting so far apart that you end up just being in a relationship and not living out a beautiful one.

The right diet, some exercise and rest will enhance the moment when you’re together because your body will have the energy and balance to stay focused and present in the presence of your partner. You will be able to look into his or her eyes and see deep into the soul and make such a strong connection that it will make the moment more intimate and pleasurable. This will cause a bond that will strengthen the relationship and help it through the challenges that you will face in the future together.

We must learn to go from the body connection to the intellectual and eventually make that spiritual/soul connection with our true soul mate and experience a love that will transform you and your partners life forever.

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