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Specializing in Relationship Communication

The Thought Master

Would you like to be able to communicate with more clarity and bring about more balance to your mind, body, and spirit?

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Women Empowerment 
  • Learn to love yourself, grow in self-confidence and expect more from life.

  • Discover who you are before you enter into a relationship. 

  • Learn to take your business and finances to the next level

  • Learn to give yourself the best first without feeling guilty.

Coaching for Women
  • Helping every girl and woman discover the hidden treasures and potential within them will undoubtedly cause a significant positive social and economic shift throughout the world.​

Communication Barriers
  • Learn how to improve your communication.

  • Do you experience communication challenges in your relationship?

  • Many studies have identified poor communication as one of the top reasons for couples therapy, as well as divorce.

Couples Coaching 
  • Get on the same page with your partner.

  • Create clarity, improve communication, and intimacy

Presence in the Relationship
Learn how to be present in your relationship, This effort will add great rewards to your life and your relationship.

What We Do...



 We are a global organization which serves women by building them up from the inside out and helping them discover the richness of the unlimited potential that lay inside every one of them. Together we are creating teams of women who are causing life-changing ripple effects in other women, in their community’s and throughout the world. 


To enlighten and empower women in their capacity as a successful leader, and to show them how much more resourceful they can be in society as they improve their quality of life. 


Anthony Morales

Anthony Morales
CEO / Founder

Anthony Morales is an inspirational speaker and life enrichment coach. The author of 'If I Could Tell Her' and the creator of THE THOUGHT MASTER life enrichment coaching programs. 



Phone: 1-84-Thought-1 (1-848-468-4481)


Koby Dumas


Anthony is an amazing speaker! You can hear truth in his words through the passion of his delivery. He’s caring, understanding, and his incredible book 'If I could tell her' takes you on a journey that could help you to resolve issues in your relationships, and help you to achieve your life goals.

Kathleen Capella

Author of Religion To Relationship & The Farm

Anthony Morales’ memoir, If I Could Tell her, will challenge anyone whether you agree or disagree with his approach to self-assessing, reflecting and evaluating communications between people in relations. 

Gerald Bell

DeVos Urban Leadership

Sharp, Brilliant, High Motivation who wouldn't want to walk away with those qualities after hearing Anthony.


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